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The International History of Public Relations Conference (IHPRC) has a new Facebook site – ‘International History of Public Relations Conference’. It’s a slight change from the previous site which had the title of “The First International, etc”. Now that we are planning for the second IHPRC and a continuing existence, the title needed change. Become an IHPRC friend and spread the message. You can also follow the conference and other PR history resources at


The Irish historian, Dr Francis X. Carty, has written a history of Archbishop John Charles McQuaid of Dublin, who died in 1973. McQuaid formed a Public Image Committee in the 1960s but found it hard to cope with two-way communication. Below is a telling quote on “the voice of authority” from McQuaid who found the liberal outcomes of Vatican II rather hard to cope with.

“As a matter of principle, authority cannot give its reasoning. People must accept decisions because authority has spoken, and not the reasons behind the decision. This is, of course, because authority is from God, and the voice of authority is God.”

Archbishop  McQuaid was addressing the first meeting of the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin’s Public Image Committee in the 1960s. He was responding to a priest’s comment that “there is a tendency today for people to be interested in the reason for events”.

(Carty, F.X. (2007). Hold Firm – John Charles McQuaid and the Second Vatican Council. Dublin: The Columbia Press, p.28)

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